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Give Yourself A Breath Of Silence And Gather Your Energy Again In This Hectic World.

Relax in our popular Enchanted Gypsy Wagon

Guided Meditation

Meditation is the most natural method of calming yourself, when your mind or inner voice becomes unsettled, negative & worrisome.

This form of meditation is one of the easiest ways to bring about a state of deep relaxation and inner quietness, thus bringing about a powerful & beneficial way to remove stress and then bringing to you positive personal changes. Meditation is about being present in the moment.

During our meditation classes are you can experience this form of meditation with others in a class with supervision of a teacher.

We run the meditations for 15 minutes to help eliminate stress & feel a heightened appreciation of life.

You will be guided with music & sounds of nature. Visualisations of perhaps either a waterfall, ocean with the sounds of whales or a breeze, birds, forest type environmental sounds. This type of meditation draws you deeper into the meditation.

While in this relaxed state of mind, your subconscious receives positive suggestions of which are used to heal. Wether it be an emotional or physical or to calm or perhaps to find an answer of an important matter.

We aim for theses sessions to help you to get back in touch with your natural state of calm.

Our classes are by appointment only, Wednesday mornings 10..30am at the moment. Please contact us if you have a request of another day.

$25 per session of 30 minutes, this includes a take home meditation pouch, incense, amulet or talisman stone.

Due to the meditation being in a small area, we limit the class to two people only at a time.

Come & discover this ancient  art that we have been teaching for many years.

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