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*Lampwork Heart Floral Lampwork bead with Rose Quartz.

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*Elegant Mystic Charm Pin*

Featuring a beautiful *Lampwork Heart Floral design bead Rose Quartz bead pink Czech glass beads, brass toned findings, amongst other quality items. The pin is approx 11cms in length.

* Lampwork is An Ancient Art, a method of glass bead making the History of the "Lampwork" beads dates back to the Chinese as early as 550BC, the Syrians and Egyptians began this method of glass bead jewelry at a later date of approx 14 - 1700s.The method begins with melting the glass on a metal rod and is wound around and shaped while hot to create the beautiful designs of the much sought after "Lampwork" beads. Then finally they are placed in an oven or better known as a kiln the process is completed with the bead being cooled in water.

Since the pins are all handcrafted, no two are exactly the same and the beads may vary slightly in colour.
Price includes Registered Post to Australia or regular airmail Worldwide.

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